Board Members & Staff

Board Members & Staff


I am honored to serve in the role of President of the Florida Photonics Cluster (FPC). I am in awe of all the notable contributions of so many in the FPC who have helped grow and expand the optics and photonics industry in Florida and we are just getting started!

Local Florida innovation, research, and high–tech manufacturing continue to fuel the Florida economy and are leading our great state to become a world–leading high–tech hub. Photonics is and will continue to play a vital role in this future growth and will be crucial for creating sustainable economic development of our state for years to come. Success stories of Florida’s photonics companies will continue to attract new high-tech startups, manufacturing facilities, technology centers, and outside investments to the state and will play a vital role for new job creation and the overall prosperity of our local economy.

Exciting times are ahead for the worldwide photonics industry and I look forward to our future endeavors to make Florida the place to go for photonics solutions.

Dr. Alexei Glebov
OptiGrate/IPG Photonics Corp
President, Florida Photonics Cluster

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