Membership & Sponsorship

Membership & Sponsorship

Ask Us About FPC Sponsorship Opportunities  for 2022!!  FPC invites members to become Patron Sponsors with special status and benefits for 2022. Just mention your interest in sponsorship when renewing your membership and someone from our staff will reach out to you; credit card and check payments accepted.

I. Active Core Membership:  Any organization or individual that designs, develops, manufactures, or commercializes products (components, systems, software, consulting services, etc.) related to the practical application of photonics technology (as defined in the FPC Bylaws). Voting member.
A. Student Member $30
B. Start Up & Sole Proprietor, Individual Member $150
C. 1 – 9 Employees $300
D. 10 – 99 Employees $600
E. 100 – 250 Employees $800
F. 250+ Employees $900
G. Out-of-State Industry Member [Out-of-state headquarters; no Florida operations] $600
II. Affiliate Membership: Any academic institution or academic professional, trade and industrial organizations, non-profit and governmental organizations with an interest in supporting or collaborating with optics and photonics professionals.  Voting member.
H. Affiliate Member – Academia, Government, Non-profit, Professional Organizations $400
J. Faculty $50
II. Associate Membership – Service Providers: Any service providers seeking to assist or collaborate with professionals in the optics and photonics industry.  Non-voting member.
A.   1-25 Employees $400
B.    26+ Employees $700


Patron Sponsorship: A Patron Sponsor is any organization, member or non-member, that wishes to financially help support the overall activities of the cluster.  Special status granted with additional benefits.

Bronze Patron $500
Silver Patron $1000
Gold Patron $1,500
Platinum Patron $2,500