Ocean Insight has acquired International Light Technologies (ILT)

Orlando, Florida, USA – Ocean Insight acquired International Light Technologies (ILT), a leading producer of light measurement and detection systems, and specialty customized light source solutions that are used in biomedical, environmental, agricultural, food and beverage, and industrial applications.

Based in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA, ILT’s portfolio of light sources and light measurement systems expands Ocean Insight’s presence as an international leader in light measurement and detection systems and enhances Ocean’s ability to apply spectral knowledge to solve measurement challenges across different markets, industries, and sectors.

“International Light Technologies is a leader in developing highly customized light generation and light measurement solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. Ocean Insight is a global leader in creating and delivering precise yet practical optical sensing solutions that enable researchers and industry to solve meaningful problems in health, safety and the environment,” said Dr. Michael Edwards, President of Ocean Insight. “By combining Ocean Insight and International Light Technologies, we are advancing our ability to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of applications and industries by leveraging the power of light to amplify optical sensing product innovations that make the world safer, cleaner, healthier for everyone, every day.”

To learn more, please contact us, or visit International Light Technologies, Inc. (Peabody, M.A.)

Article by Rob Morris https://www.oceaninsight.com/about/news/expanding-capabilities-in-light-measurement-technology/